Informatics Platform
 Check the trending of battery deterioration with charge and discharge voltage data;
 Reduce your maintenance and replacement costs by virtually eliminating unnecessary service calls or battery replacement;
 Record battery data throughout the battery's entire life span;
 Access from anywhere;
It is the core of our informatics solution. The Database will archive battery data over the lifetime of the battery. The high performance and scalability enable the platform to handle millions of batteries worldwide.
Users can access data from anywhere via the internet. Empowered by Google maps and our informatics platform, one service engineer can easily manage several thousands of sites/plants.
It is the junction between the database and the battery monitoring system. The Data Engine runs in a Wi-Fi server.
Our more than 15 years of experience with battery conditioning monitoring enables us to encode the Data Analysis engine so that it generates reliablewarning/ alarms toguide battery service and replacement.
You can order comprehensive reports for your batteries from windtalker. It provides clear summaries and figures for management.
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